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Artificial Intelligence has a primordial importance in human society. It renders a suitable relativity with mankind, and reflects a cultural backstop to human nature and its bliss. It dates back to the possibilities of what a machine could realize under Alan Turing, in his paper, ‘The Imitation Game’. Nevertheless, the advent of Law, from its traditional positivist approach to a generic synthetic yet positive approach, has affected the directional utility of a globalized world. The use of machine learning as a component of data dimensionality has sincerely affected and led to generic consequences and is deemed fit enough not be ignored by international and domestic legal systems.
The Society, which we term as ISAIL as well, focuses on its 3-fold approach; Academic Innovation, Learning Opportunities and Social Entrepreneurship.
As AI is a deemed possibility to exist, it is an imperative ground that its legal modalities empower an anthropomorphic future for the natural ecosystem, to regard its decisions and relevance. This is not a question, which is about an Artificial General Intelligence, above every stigma of intelligence. It renders a possibility of major reality where international law and its domains are capable to understand, disseminate, secure and recognize the present and future of AI.

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Projects and Editorial Ventures


Indian Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Law

A Premium AI Law Journal supported by ISAIL

Abhishek Jain, Chief Managing Editor

The Indian Learning

An AI Policy Magazine Supported by ISAIL

Kshitij Naik, Chief Managing Editor

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The Strategic & Civilized AI Programme

A Research Programme which focuses on the cultural and civilizational aspects of artificial intelligence ethics.

Ateka Hasan & Dev Tejnani, Programme Coordinators

Indian Conference on Artificial Intelligence & Law, 2021

The Flagship Conference of ISAIL.

Abhivardhan, President

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Indian Library on Artificial Intelligence & Law

A Library on Case Studies based on AI-Law & Policy Issues.

Mridutpal Bhattacharyya, Founder & Director


The AI Education Division of ISAIL

Aditi Sharma, Co-Director

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