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What We Do

The Secretariat

Stakeholder Participation

We encourage holding stakeholder consultations among our members and distinguished experts, and key stakeholders in the Indian and Global AI markets.

AI Standardisation

We advocate to develop India-centric AI-related legal & policy standards & certification methods based on relevance & impact of use cases of AI products and services which is market-ready and risk-centric.

Join our Network. 

Join the Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence and Law 

In collaboration with VLiGTA, ISAIL has opened up to accept calls for membership.

We invite lawyers, entrepreneurs, public policy professionals, technology scientists and developers to join our community.

The list of benefits of registered members of ISAIL is available (and updated regularly) at

Step 1: Send your CV and contact information to

Step 2: You'll receive an email to confirm if your application needs verification. If it does, send the necessary documents (for example, CV / Resume) for verification.

Step 3: After approval, complete the registration fee payment. Once confirmed, you'll become a member, and we'll send your membership certificate.

Step 4: Join the ISAIL Members Community and connect with us.

You can join via Whatsapp, Substack or both.

Registration Fees

Ordinary Members - 500 INR (subject to renewal every year)

Life Members - 30,000 INR (one-time)


  • Is there a reason to ask for a registration fee for the membership of ISAIL?

Ans. Yes. Our request for a membership fee to be paid has to do with the bye-laws of the Trust and our concern that we require our potential members to be participatory and committed. The fee is affordable and a procedural requirement.

  • What are the benefits of the membership of ISAIL?

Ans. You can contact us to know the details regarding the membership of ISAIL at Akash from the ISAIL team will reach out to you. Also, you can check the list of benefits at

  • Are students permitted to join ISAIL as a member?

Ans. Yes, students of law, technology and policy courses are eligible to become members. The eligibility criteria for students to become the members of ISAIL is clearly stipulated in


We open the Call for Research Interns.

Under a research collaboration with VLiGTA, the research & innovation division of Indic Pacific Legal Research LLP, ISAIL has opened the call to invite law students (undergraduate and postgraduate) in their respective fields of law and public policy to apply to be recruited as a Research Intern.

  • Interested applicants must apply by emailing their Curriculum Vitae (CV) and Statement of Purpose (SoP) in an email with subject "Internship Application - ISAIL" at

  • Our team will get back to you in 2-3 working days on the status of your application and contact you. Hence, please share your phone number for the purposes of contact for the interview.


Kindly remember, anyone who is recruited as an intern under ISAIL has to adhered with the guidelines.


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Here are some testimonials from young professionals and law students who have benefited from the virtual internship programmes of the Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence and Law. 

ISAIL Alumni

We honor our alumni, who were bestowed with the esteemed positions as ISAIL's research and advisory avenues grew. 

Ateka Hasan

Programme Coordinator, The Strategic and Civilized AI (former)

Aditi Sharma

Chief Research Officer (former)

Abhishek Jain

Chief Managing Editor, Indian Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Law (former)

Mridutpal Bhattacharyya

Deputy Chief Innovation Officer (former)

Parallel Lines

The Secretariat

Since our founding in 2018, Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence and Law has developed and grown in a positive direction. We’re very proud of the diversity of our team, and their abilities to contribute their own unique experience and skills to our efforts. 



Founder, Chairperson & Managing Trustee


Indu B Srivastava

Chief Financial Officer


Anil Thakur


Akash Manwani

Akash Manwani

Chief Innovation Consultant

Parallel Lines

The Advisory Council

The Advisory Council of ISAIL consists of some of the best minds and thought leaders in the field of artificial intelligence ethics and law cum policy. To know more about the rules applicable to the members of the Advisory Council, you can refer to the Charter of the AI General Assembly.

Executive Council, AI General Assembly

Mr Sanjay Notani

President, AI General Assembly

Senior Partner, Economic Laws Practice, India

0 (15).jfif

Mr Bogdan Grigorescu

Vice-President, AI General Assembly

Senior Technical Lead - Architecture, eBay, United Kingdom

Distinguished Experts of the Advisory Council

Rodney D Ryder

Founding Partner, Scriboard

Ish Jain

Senior Partner, Regius Legal


Dr Chiranjiv Roy, PhD

VP/Global Head of Data Sciences & Applied AI, Course5i

Mohammed Soliman

Director, Strategic Technologies and Cyber Security Program

Middle East Institute

1593738858361 (1).jpeg

Gaurav Agarwal

Senior Director Customer Service Technology at eBay


Roger Spitz

Chairperson, Disruptive Futures Institute


Dr Cristina Vanberghen

Professor and Senior Expert, European Commission

Shirsha Ray Chaudhari

Director of Engineering, TR Labs
Thomson Reuters

Richard Self

Senior Lecturer in Governance of Advanced and Emerging Technologies, University of Derby


Rupak Chattopadhyay

President and CEO, Forum of Federations, Canada


Sreedhar Kosaraju

Chairman & Founder, DeepTech Naipunya Foundation

Maksim Karliuk

Research Specialist, International Development Law Organisation

Advisory Council

Our Former Chapters and Special Groups

ISAIL Nigeria

Formerly led by Udomo Ali

ISAIL-Lucknow Institute for a Greater Europe

Formerly led by Philippe Lefevre


Our Collaborations with Entities & Forums


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