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The Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence and Law is a technology law think tank founded by Abhivardhan in 2018. Our mission as a non-profit industry body for the analytics & AI industry in India is to promote responsible development of artificial intelligence and its standardisation in India.


Since 2022, the research operations of the Society have been subsumed under VLiGTA® by Indic Pacific Legal Research.

ISAIL has supported two independent journals, namely - the Indic Journal of International Law and the Indian Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Law. It also supports an independent media and podcast initiative - The Bharat Pacific.

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Indian Conference on Artificial Intelligence & Law, 2023
[IndoCon Tech]

November 22-25, 2023 [Virtual Edition]

The Annual Summit of the Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence & Law

Presenting The Bharat Pacific

The Bharat Pacific

The Bharat Pacific is a digital media platform which is run under Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence and Law, a law and technology research organisation. As being an autonomous initiative, The Bharat Pacific offers curative podcasts on various issues related to international relations, international law, Indian knowledge systems, technology policy and legal education.

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