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Internship Programme Testimonials

Krati Singh Bhadouriya

Interning at the Indian Society for Artificial Intelligence and Law was a journey I'll forever cherish. From day one, I was welcomed into a community of passionate individuals pushing the boundaries of AI and legal discourse. The mentorship I received was not just professional guidance but a genuine investment in my growth. Through collaborative projects and insightful discussions, I uncovered my passion for the intricate dance between technology and law. My time at ISAIL was not just an internship; it was a transformative experience that shaped my perspective and career aspirations. Also, special mention to Abhivardhan sir, who was not only my internship coordinator but an amazing mentor who guided me through entire internship helping me write publication worthy articles and discussion papers and his insights on AI and law made this entire duration of the internship extremely meaningful and knowledgeable for me.

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