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Our Position Statements: China’s Surveillance Tightens, Singapore AI & TikTok

Prafulla Sahu, Director-General, Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence and Law


Official Position Statement of the Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence and Law as of 04–12–2019.

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China’s decision to render face recognition mandatory for Chinese Citizens to attain Phone SIM

  • We respect the sovereign interests of the People’s Republic of China, and in concern with the Sino-Indo relations, we align with our concerns thereby.

  • We, therefore, suggest that the CCP must ensure via the MIIT that the usage mandate is signified under certainty and is not subjected for any unreasonable tracking of the citizens’ privacy, which the international community has suspected for a long time.

TIKTOK’S curbed reach for people with disabilities

  • Concerning the fact that “specially-abled” people and members of the LGBTQI community already have a limited reach and significance, this action taken by TikTok must have certain reasonableness, which is not observant in the real case. Exclusionary means must not be adopted to protect people who are categorized under a choice of difference by a corporeal entity.

On Singapore’s AI Policy of November 2019

  • Singapore has devised an innovative AI Strategy and has given space to AI Ethics and Education, and the improvement of entrepreneurial ethics, which is welcomed.

  • It is appraised that the policy focuses on an AI Development Loop, which is great. However, it would be suggested that the neoliberal economic model must be catered with the development loop in a way to prioritize human-centred and targeted economic welfare.

  • The focus on a Human-Centered AI based on a model beyond the Utilitarian model of AI is welcomed by the Organization. We would be happy to collaborate with the Singapore Government on the Legal Study of Human-centered AI.

  • The programmable aspect of AI for a human environment under such ambitious projects must be dealt with necessity and deemed purpose to convene a techno-socialization.

The Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence and Law is a technology law research organisation founded by Abhivardhan in 2018. The Organization's core goal is to develop qualitative research and impart AI-related education with an India-centric approach globally. Since 2022, the research operations of the Society are subsumed under VLiGTA® by Indic Pacific Legal Research.

In association with VLiGTA®, ISAIL (since 2019) is excited to announce the opening of membership applications for the Society. We are interested to have lawyers, data & AI engineers, entrepreneurs and public policy professionals to join the ISAIL Members community to foster discourse on AI regulation and innovation, especially in legal and policy technologies in India.

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