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Indian Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law

The Annual Summit of the Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence & Law

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Indian Conference on Artificial Intelligence & Law, 2024
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The Annual Summit of the Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence & Law

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About the Conference

The Conference is the Annual Meeting of the members of the Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence and Law, a non-profit industry body, representing concerns of law, technology and policy professionals, MSMEs and start-ups in India on the regulation & development of artificial intelligence in India.

We hold meetings and networking conversations on the development and regulation of artificial intelligence and other digital technologies in India, with a pan-India and Indo-Pacific outlook. Since 2020, ISAIL has conducted this forum to apprise of a network of genuine legal, technology & policy entrepreneurs, professionals and specialists and contribute to dehyphenated, and genuine technology policymaking for Bharat.

Parallel Lines

AI General Assembly

Technology Diplomacy in a Democratic and Responsible Manner

AI General Assembly is the Democratic Consultation Forum by the Indian Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law.

Team IndoCon

Parallel Lines

The Secretariat

Since our founding in 2018, Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence and Law has developed and grown in a positive direction. We’re very proud of the diversity of our team, and their abilities to contribute their own unique experience and skills to our efforts. 



Founder, Chairperson & Managing Trustee


Indu B Srivastava

Chief Financial Officer


Anil Thakur


Akash Manwani

Akash Manwani

Chief Innovation Consultant

The Advisory Council

The Advisory Council of ISAIL consists of some of the best minds and thought leaders in the field of artificial intelligence ethics and law cum policy. To know more about the rules applicable to the members of the Advisory Council, you can refer to the Charter of the AI General Assembly.

Executive Council, AI General Assembly

Mr Sanjay Notani

President, AI General Assembly

Senior Partner, Economic Laws Practice, India

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Mr Bogdan Grigorescu

Vice-President, AI General Assembly

Senior Technical Lead - Architecture, eBay, United Kingdom

AI General Assembly Committees

R&D Committee

Pavithra Manivannan, Chairperson

Rishabh Bezbaruah

Tushar Sharma

Hari Shivan

Samridhi Jain

Kailash Chauhan

Indrasen Poola

Research Ethics Committee

Shweta Bhalerao, Chairperson

Ivneet Walia

Malak Sheth

Rohit Bokil

Priyanka Vaidyanath

Nikhil Behl

Sayali Chandekar

Parallel Lines

Distinguished Experts of the Advisory Council

About isail

The Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence and Law is a technology law think tank founded by Abhivardhan in 2018. Our mission as a non-profit industry body for the analytics & AI industry in India is to promote responsible development of artificial intelligence and its standardisation in India.


Since 2022, the research operations of the Society have been subsumed under VLiGTA® by Indic Pacific Legal Research.

ISAIL has supported two independent journals, namely - the Indic Journal of International Law and the Indian Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Law. It also supports an independent media and podcast initiative - The Bharat Pacific.

Rodney D Ryder

Founding Partner, Scriboard

Ish Jain

Senior Partner, Regius Legal

Richard Self

Senior Lecturer in Governance of Advanced and Emerging Technologies, University of Derby


Rupak Chattopadhyay

President and CEO, Forum of Federations, Canada

Ankit Sahni

Intellectual Property Law Specialist


Dr Cristina Vanberghen

Professor and Senior Expert, European Commission

Shirsha Ray Chaudhari

Director of Engineering, TR Labs
Thomson Reuters

Mohammed Soliman

Director, Strategic Technologies and Cyber Security Program

Middle East Institute


Roger Spitz

Chairperson, Disruptive Futures Institute

Maksim Karliuk

Research Specialist, International Development Law Organisation

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