It’s Time Now to Be A Multipotentialite: Challenging the Notions & Infrastructure of Human Artefacts


Chairperson and Managing Trustee

Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence and Law

Thinking of AI’s potential to radically change the course of employment, we need to have a test. We need to see if the definitive establishment of employment involving us is even needed or not. Whether we relinquish our creative and entitative capabilities is a question always, because it’s important to democratize our jobs and to change the way our potential is to be created. I’m happy that Artificial Intelligence has now challenged mankind at the heart to think more about the #multipotentialite capabilities we need now. We may have some dexterity, which may, by trend has shaped to be lineated by lineated jobs, and the selfishly utilitarian nature of employment. If economic anxiety is normal, then why we do take it the wrong way? Let me tell you why. When we monopolize jobs and the psychological imagery of the same, we always affect the politics of economics, law and development. We then relinquish much of our own creative capabilities to law, notions of development and the politics of economics. And when we fail, we feel there is an anthropological trauma that humans will be terminated. This is common and has happened for a long time. The solution? We need to screw up our way of seeing life and we need to just do a reverse gear to the unrealistic notions of livelihood to facilitate better chances of democratized, multi-economic, multi-disciplinary and multidimensional means of living. To do that, we have to disrupt the centuries' long notions and infrastructures of human development, law and economic polity. The day we do it, AI then can be eased to the self-resembling and self-transformative level of an entity, which is techno-socialized and enables humans to be self-replenishing at the same time. That’s all we have to do.

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