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Position Statement on The [R]evolution of Hip Hop Breakbeat Narratives

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Submitted by Ruhi Tyagi & Trishla Parihar, Research Interns.

  • The effort by D. Fox Herrall into the direction of keeping traditional music form alive with support of technologies like Advanced Virtuality and Artificial Intelligence is laudable; it not only enhances the technological experiments and human-machine interaction but aids narration how a breakthrough in music industry sprouted as well as how it rules the heart of vast community in the world today also.

  • “The Elementals” – named after five integral elements of hip-hop – asks people questionnaire, following that it prepares a playlist people can take with them derived by interactor’s input is also step towards understanding Machine Learning where playlists as per individual’s mood can be personalized.

  • Moreover, the social issues hip-hop has seen are narrated to people specially personalised as per input makes them aware of different aspects like its origin, enhancements, artist’s contribution and so on which totally fulfils the motto of celebrating 50 years of hip-hop even at the global level.

  • The effort by D. Fox Harrell & his team have created an art installation which creates interaction in museum-goers with the introduction of Hip Hop Museum. This installation of new technologies with the legacy of traditional music will have the power to connect people to the surrounding community. This linkage of music and Artificial Intelligence gives skyway to grow itself and connect with people at large.

  • There would be five elements characterised on the name of legends of hip-hop which would provide knowledge, guide and interact based on certain questions to personalise hip hop history for a particular user. This will help them to take home their personalised list of songs.

  • The breakbeat narratives will help the user to personalise their model. The social issues are one of the main explorations of Harrell's work. The work will further narrate the story of both empowering and problematic representation. Harrell also believes that this project will be a sign of saving art and culture.

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