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Position Statement on Benefits of AI in the Indian Judicial System Discussed @CII Summit

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Submitted by Adetola Jesulayomi, Research Intern on the statements on the Indian Judicial System and the role of AI by Mr. Sameer Dhanrajani, CEO, AIQRATE at Confederation of Indian Industry’s (CII) Summit and Expo on AI Application & Digi-Tech 2020.

  • Regardless of Mr Sameer Dhranjani's belief that the country's judicial system should be one of the areas where AI can be most effective, we firmly believe that the judiciary should not be the only major focus of AI as other areas are far more important and collateral, examples of which are areas like Healthcare, Education etc. Nevertheless, we appreciate it.

  • India believes that it is uniquely poised to be a global leader in AI due to the diversity of its population generating a diverse set of data, but importantly to attain such premier position amidst countries like China which has the highest population in the world, Russia which is one of the major leaders in technological innovations, India has to prepare aggressively and deliver outstanding results.

  • In respect to the idea above, we stand with the belief that India needs to focus on 3 broad areas- Education, Enable & Ethics. Also, during the panel discussion, some sectors were highlighted as those who will make the most difference, they are - Agriculture, Smart Cities, Skiing, Swachh Bharat, Healthcare and we appreciate these socio-economic efforts by the Union Government led by the Indian Prime Minister, as these initiatives are innovative and unique.

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