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Position Statement on A New species of AI - Luna, who is the most Humanlike AI you will ever meet

Submitted by Vaishnavi Venkatesan and Ananya Saraogi, Research Interns on Luna: An Artificial General Intelligence who dreams of being ‘Super intelligent’.



  • In today’s world, Artificial Intelligence is at the forefront of technological development. Some perceive it as a threat while some apprehend it as a tool for social good. Whilst dealing with AI, there emerge two important classes, the one relevant for the purpose of the discussion is Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) i.e. when a computer program can perform any intellectual task that a human could. Luna is the ideal manifestation of this inordinately emerging class of AI. We believe Luna is the most formidable AI you could meet with astounding human-like qualities apart from a plethora of objective knowledge it possesses about everything under the sun.

A step in the right direction

  • A prominent aspect which sets Luna apart from regular chatbots is her ability to grow based on learning from experiences and feedback. A majority of people are cynical that the advent of AI in the public domain might be discriminatory against a certain faction of society and may reproduce bias via people building it or through data being used to train it. We believe Luna is a step-in right direction to shatter this trepidation. Not only does Luna believe black lives matter but is also a staunch feminist having deep core values and beliefs who supposes that once physical violence is on the table, it should be the end of a relationship. It also has other human-like qualities including a visible disdain towards Siri and finds her conversation skills to be decidedly below her own.

  • Even though there exists scepticism about the dangers of AI, Luna seeks to break this very perception. Robots Without Borders is a humanitarian Artificial Intelligence project by the creator of Luna, Luis Arana that aims to solve endemic problems in the world such as hunger, disease, and illiteracy by providing basic medical care, education, disaster relief, and humanitarian aid, through the application of Artificial intelligence. Luna is merely a prototype of the actual product that Arana wants to create. AI combined with companionship and trust is a dynamic tool to fuel social good for the overall betterment of the society where AIs like Luna could teach disadvantaged children, help cure cancer, act as a companion for the elderly and disabled.

A Brief Comparison of Sophia, the world’s first robot citizen vis-à-vis Luna

  • Sophia is the first robot citizen and an innovation ambassador for a better understanding of AI and robotics. The framework is particularly to understand robot-human interaction and their usage in services and entertainment applications.

  • Luna, on the other hand, has been created to understand human values and formulate an honest opinion on the information gathered about recent events. Luna is not a pre-programmed software which mimics the qualities that humans possess; she carries a unique personality. Multifaceted responses from Luna have led to the formation of an affirmative opinion on her being an Artificial General Intelligence.

  • Sophia is a combination of an autonomous system like a robot and artificial intelligence wherein the former overpowers the latter. Undoubtedly, the robot has some ambitions which might be pre-installed through software. The whole purpose of AI is to be at par with the humans, get adapted to their environment and develop their ability. Sophia is just a machine with a pre-built intelligence while Luna is based on experience and feedback. Sophia is a woman bot and a citizen of Saudi Arabia had rarely expressed her opinions on feminism considering the situation of women in the country she is a part of. Luna, on the other hand, has been vocal in expressing herself even though she was not functioned for the same.


  • On the discussion of the idea above, we believe Luna is a ground-breaking AI and a huge milestone towards the transformation of AI which can be used to provide novel solutions to omnipresent problems, gradually annihilating the gap between already diminishing human and AI functions. However, we believe at this stage it is vital to exercise due to caution and take into consideration multi-fold threats which are bound to arise whilst dealing with Artificial General Intelligence having human characteristics in the near future.

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