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Expert Panel on Law, Technology and International Affairs

The Secretariat invites professionals, academics and entrepreneurs from various avenues of AI Ethics to assist, advise and mentor our Researchers, Interns and Directorates.

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Crown Counsel, Public Prosecution Service of Canada

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Dr. Raul Villamarin Rodriguez (Ph.D.)

Dean School Of Business, Woxsen University, India

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Luna de Lange

Partner and Data Protection Officer,
KARM Legal Consultants

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Akshata Namjoshi

Lead: Fintech, Blockchain & Emerging Tech at KARM Legal Consultants

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Bogdan Grigorescu

AI Platform Manager at Combined Intelligence

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Sushant Samurdrala

CEO, Sushanth IT Law Associates


Rodney D Ryder

Founder, Scriboard | IP and Data Lawyer

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Pinaki Laskar

Founder - FishEyeBox™ Innovation Lab